Dino G

2010 Fusion

I'd like to say thanks for all your help, wisdom and knowledge that you gave me. It is very much appreciated to have honest advice or recommendation for maintaining my vehicle or any other vehicle I've asked you about.

M Corrallo

Supercharged Acura NSX

My NSX has arrived and I'm speechless. It far exceeds my expectations. The acceleration is smooth and blinding. The exhaust note is intoxicating. I never want to drive any of my old cars again. Thank you.


CTSV Cadillac

Bob I want you to know how happy I am with the Caddy tune. When I towed in to you from KC I was in dumps 3rd engine this year and my vacation due in a week. Well we just got back from Florida round trip and the car was great! Used half the fuel it did before, even with cam and headers. Thanks for your service advice, problem solving and tuning.


Acura RSX-S

Good Morning Bob, thanks for picking me up at the Wichita airport, after stopping in Mississippi for the night I made it to Atlanta with no issues. The RSX-S runs great, thank you and great doing business with you.

Fred Kern

Alfa Romeo Duetto

Bob, The Alfa arrived this morning - it is absolutely spectacular! The handling and performance are wonderful - not to mention the sound. I hopped in and drove it to work. I'm definitely taking this one to Pebble with me next weekend. Thank you for preserving a piece of automotive history so well, so that I can enjoy it! Fred Kern, docent Blackhawk Car Museum

Michael Strack

Trailblazer SS LS3

Trailblazer is running AOK! Driven to KC a couple of times with no issues. In comparison to what it was before, it’s spectacular. So, thank you again!! Fantastic!


Porsche 997.2 S

Bob, the transporter arrived quickly with the 911S safe and sound. She’s beautiful as advertised, I went for a nice drive, Such a Nice Car!!!


Chevy Panel Hot Rod Tune

The car runs great!...thank you for all you did Bob...nice to rid myself of a few gremlins! Steve Moore

Bob S

Porsche 911

Extremely quick, helpful, professional. Doesn't get any better! Thanks again.

Dr. Maria P.


Dear ST and Bob I hope things are going well for both of you. In Nashville things are well since the winter has been mild. I can not describe in a life time the nice emotion of arriving at home to see White Dove waiting for us. I still can not believe that the car is home but more than that I can not believe that the car is so beautiful. Hermes and I would like to thank both of you for your efforts, for your guidance and your hard work in making the dream of the MGA come through. We will be in debt with you forever. White Dove will be always a tribute to your tenacity, excellent sense of beauty, balance and workmanship. You are really an excellent duo, a good team. God Bless you, keep in touch, Love.

Alan S

Corvette C6 LS3

My C6 Vette runs fantastic and still gets 32mpg with your tuning. What a deal!

David U


The Ferrari is great, drives like it should now, much more fun, no worries. Thanks Bob.

Roy Aguilar


I would like extend kudos to Bob for above average knowledge and workmanship. I have been an Alfa owner since 1971 in which time I have owned 2 Spider Veloces and a 1968 Guilia Super. Bob has performed all my maintenance work and I couldn't be more pleased. I strongly recommend Autobahn.

Robert A. Miller, National President PCA

Porsche Club of America

It gives me great pleasure to send you this small symbol recognizing your many years of participation in and support of the Porsche Club of America. Members such as you lend strength and stability to PCA and provide the necessary foundation upon which the newer members can add their contributions. Best Regards, Robert A. Miller, National President PCA


Very professional business, Highly recommend to all, excellent communication.

Greg Laws

R.E., Wichita Region SCCA

Dear Bob and ST I just wanted to send you a note of sincere appreciation for your continued support of the club. The Wichita Region SCCA has been so lucky to have you both as members and supporters. Thank you so very, very much. Greg Laws R.E., Wichita Region SCCA



Bob, I drove the Morgan for about 30 minutes this afternoon, since today’s perfect sports car weather. More power overall. Best it’s run in the 3 ½ years I’ve owned it. Regards from Saxophone-Land.

Steve Johnson & James R. Julow

Sports Car Club of America

Bob, Congratulations on achieving a milestone as a 25 year member of the Sports Car Club of America! We truly value you and your contribution to the rich heritage of SCCA. Because of your involvement, the SCCA is not only the leader in motorsports but recognized as such worldwide. Sincerely, Steve Johnson & James R. Julow, Past and Current President & CEO SCCA


Hi ST, Thanks for the email and the early delivery of the Recaro Office Chair. Quite an art object with great functionality!

Daryl T

Corvette C5 Tuning

Bob, on my Corvette, you did a great job. It sounds much better and runs like a dream. Your service and custom tuning... it seems perfect. I told some of my Corvette buddies, I know you can help them out.

Tim R.

Alfa Romeo Quad

The Alfa Quad Spider arrived today. It is everything you described - no issues. No tags yet but I've cruised it up and down the street area, drives nice, solid. I like it more in person vs. pictures. The car is pristine, more I poke around it more I like it.

Craig L.

Porsche 911

Bob, I wanted to thank you again for my Recaro seats , they feel really good. I could not have asked for them to look any better! Your guy did a real nice job w/ the install in my Porsche 911. You have a really neat shop and many neat projects. Thanks again!


I have been in client services for many years and want to be sure you realize that you have an ace in ST. Her contact and service has been wonderful.

Robert S.


Selling with service has been the key secret to my own success in broadcasting. I feel obligated to both ST and her hubby Bobby, to grant them a gold star, you certainly have set a great example of doing things right.

M. Chapple

Service Porsche Alfa

Thanks again man, your craftsmanship is like no other and I do appreciate it on my Porsche, Alfa and Nissan.

CM Chapman


It rained the whole way home to Chicago. Man driving in the rain gets old real quick. Our town is experiencing some flooding here but so far we are ok. The Jeep drove very nicely the whole way running at 70 to 75 mph. My son is ecstatic over the Wagoneer! Thanks again.

Alan L.

Mini Cooper S

Feedback - Mini Cooper S, excellent job!!!!!! I am very impressed with your operation. Your shop is impeccably clean and I was very impressed with your attention to every detail, It is really great to find a true craftsman. Consider me 120 percent satisfied. Thanks again

Sunny S.


I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the car. Of all the cars I have owned over the years, the E60 M5 is the best. I did a couple of runs in the east tunnel and the exhaust is perfect. It is louder than the NSX but with more bass and authority. I think the car is on the threshold of having too much power. The whole package just seems to work effortlessly. I’m very happy! Thank you again!!!

Boyd W.

Challenger SRT8 Tuning

My SRT8 Challenger is great! The sound, power and suspension, wow. I had an awesome trip to Texas. Your expertise brought it alive.


Black Top Nationals

Ya guys are fantastic! WOW! Great job! Marcus is ecstatic, I'm sure Art is extremely pleased as is Jerry! Ya guys really did it.

D. Larson

Corvette Service and C6 Power Tuning

When I purchased my Supercharged C6 Corvette from Tony Schumacher, Army Top Fuel Driver, I was on top of the world yet after having you service and custom tune the Corvette the difference is unbelievable! Tony had the Procharger installed and dyno tuned in Chicago, the engine's power increase and changes to the trany Autobahn made make me very pleased. I cannot wait for Tony to drive it!

Lee P.

Audi Service

Hello Bob, the Audi ran flawlessly on the trip back to Hays through the rain. Thank you, much appreciation.

Ricky G.

Let me thank you both Bob and ST for all the support you gave me during my ownership of KONIG. Always has been a pleasure to do business with your company, if you ever find yourself in this part of the world, pls do look me up.

Dr Walt

We especially enjoy driving the "Police Car" after its rejuvenation! I call it my refurbished P-51. If Bobby Babe can't fix it, it can't be fixed.
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